Automatic Backlink Generator Tools: How to get Free Backlinks

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Hello readers, in this article I will be explaining to you what backlink is all about, why is backlinking important and how to get free backlinks using automatic backlink generator tools.

If you are in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I’m definitely sure you have come across the term backlinks or backlinking.

A lot of people are still of the opinion that to rank google search engine page, you have to do backlinking either to your domain or to the post(s) you want to top in the search engine page.

Are backlinks very important?

You will know as you read further on, but let me define what backlink is all about.

It is when any website or page links to another website or page such that when a user clicks on that link the user will be redirected to another website or page.

There are so many reasons why people are involved in backlinking, some are;

  1. To increase Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR)
  2. To increase Page Authority (PA)
  3. To improve organic search result
  4. To improve SEO ranking
  5. To reduce bounce rate
  6. To enhance faster indexing and better crawling

Creating backlinks is one of the ways that you have to rank up your own website or blog post among other competitions on the internet.

Now that we have talked about the definition of backlinks and the reasons why people are obsess with backlinks, let us proceed to talk about how to get free backlinks.

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Since paid backlinks are against SEO practices, I will show you how to get free backlinks using automatic backlink generator.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the major ways of getting backlinks. But guest posting isn’t easy because you have to contact the website owner before submitting your guest post. Contacting them and getting feedback are not easy especially if the owner is a busy type of person.

Backlink Generators are the most trending option to boost your own online business among the search results in the Google search. If you are the user who is a blog post or website creator, one of the recommended ways to rank up your own website or blog post on Google search results page is by creating backlinks and you can do that by using automatic backlink generator.

No doubt, these are some of the most popular Free Backlinks Generators on the internet. You can use these tools to maintain the quality of Backlinks through the combination of Dofollow and Nofollow options. Yes, these are excellent tools to generate high-quality backlinks without going through the stress of asking someone about submitting a guest post on there blog, below are the list of automatic backlink generator

1. W3era

2. Seowagon

3. duplichecker

4. Hawkwebtools

5. Coderduck

6. Cuteseotools

8. Seotoolstation

9. Sitechecker pro

10. Smartseotools

11. Turboseotools

12. Smallseotools

13. Sagaseotools

14. Freebacklinkcreator

15. Allproman

16. Backlinkr

17. W3seoinfo

18. Ymedaily

19. 100downloads

20. Sitowebinfo

21. Backlinkgenerator

22. Bulklink

23. Real-backlinks

24. Rankseotools

25. Linksmanagement

26. Searchenginereports

27. Webnots

28. Prepostseo

29. Pooloftools

30. Indexkings

31. 2000backlink

32. Useme

33. Solidseotools

34. Freeseoindexer

35. Freebacklinkbuilder

I hope you now know how to get free backlinks via guest post and via the use of automatic backlink generator.

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