21 Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakhs

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Ever wondered what business you can start with 15 lakhs? well, it may not seem a big amount to get anything done but it doesn’t necessary means you can’t really use it for something productive or something that could give a good return.

All my life I have been someone who loves the idea of starting a business and making a huge impact in that business. At first, funds were my biggest problem till I realized that sometimes funds may not be as important as we take them to be.

We can actually start a business with the little we have which will not be enough to buy all the things we needed but. From there we can grow and build the business to the standard we want it to be.

In this article, you will find out the best manufacturing business to start with 15 Lakhs, the reason we should consider starting it and the ultimate ways we can actually make a great impact in our chosen industry.

Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakhs

Here is the list of manufacturing businesses that I have made some surveys on and have found out that you can make a great impact when you start it with 15 Lakhs. Hard work is needed in this very situation because there is always something to do at it each point in time in order to get to the level of success you want.

1. Herbal Hair Oil Manufacturing

The herb-based hair oil (Ayurvedic) is growing in importance. It shows its versatility because of its ability to embalm headaches and bring a relaxing sensation. The hair oil primarily consists of vegetable oils as a base and emulsified fragrance.

2. Automotive Parts Manufacturing

If you’ve had experience and are seeking an affordable startup venture in the automotive business sector, manufacturing tools and spare parts for automobile and car producers.

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3. Professional Bakery

The bakery business can be an excellent possibility for entrepreneurs just starting. Additionally, the bakery business has a broad range of options for expansion. In the beginning, you can start the business with just a little initial capital expenditure. You must, however, purchase the latest bakery equipment for high-quality production.

4. Many Colour Candle Making

The candle-making industry is a lucrative business for mothers and homemakers who want to make additional money from the creative side of their lives. But, anyone can start this business using minimal capital investment and can even work working from their home.

5. Banana Wafer Manufacturing

Entrepreneurs can initiate the manufacturing of bananas with a low-cost investment. They are primarily utilized in restaurants, hotels, bars, homes, etc. To make banana wafers, you’ll require green bananas after cleaning, cutting, and frying. It is a trendy snack food in high demand on the market.

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6. Biscuit Making

You can begin your biscuit manufacturing company at a meager cost. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any licensing. It is possible to select a specialization such as sugar-free digestive biscuit to reach an audience specifically targeted.

7. Designer Bindi Making

Designer bindis are an essential product to enhance the beauty of women. There are a variety of bindis on the market. Design bindi-making is a profitable business. Anyone can start a business at home and with a small amount of money.

8. Candy/Chocolate Making

If you’re passionate about cooking and adore the taste of chocolate, starting this business from your home is possible. The candy-making business idea is an excellent method to transform your passion and talent into a successful business from home. Candy made at home is effortless to create and well-known.

9. Cotton Buds Manufacturing

Cotton buds are beneficial household products—short spindles with either or both ends covered with a breathable cotton padding. With a small, simple machine, you could start your small-scale business production of cotton buds.

10. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

About 67% of the total production of synthetic detergents is made in the small-scale sector, which is a considerable soap production, and 50 per cent of the whole output within a small scale.

A new entrepreneur can begin a new venture by installing a piece that contains blue powder that will fulfill the present and future needs of the people.

11. Disposable Paper Plate Manufacturing

Disposable plates and saucers, as their name implies, are made of special-grade paper and strengthened with polythene sheets to ensure it’s leak-proof. They are ideal for serving food items at family gatherings, having snacks and chats, fruits and sweets.

12. Diaper Manufacturing Business

Who better knows the significance of diapers other than the father and mother of a baby. Diapers are an item used throughout the year—the cost of producing diapers is also lower. You can make diapers and then sell the diapers in bulk.

13. Microbrewery Business

Are you keen to taste freshly-brewed beers? Then, turn this passion into a profitable business idea. You can begin with your Microbrewery Business which will characterize its products with a focus on flavour, quality and brewing techniques.

14. Exercise Book Manufacturing

Entrepreneurs can start the manufacturing of exercise books with minimal capital investment. Exercise book manufacturing with vibrant covers and glossy lamination give the product an attractive design. Covers can be designed independently, or you could outsource the raw materials.

15. Disposable Plastic Syringe Manufacturing

Disposable plastic syringes are ideal for those with decades of expertise in the medical product market. These types of disposable Syringes typically have plastic materials. They are employed in medicine and veterinary science. They are utilized for intramuscular injections and intravenous injections. They are eliminated immediately after use.

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16. Food Colour Manufacturing

A concentrated food colouring manufacturing venture is a lucrative business opportunity for starting entrepreneurs. The food industry is expanding at an impressive rate, and the demand for food colouring is also anticipated to increase. The face of food will make it attractive. In addition, colouring agents may also improve the taste of food.

17. Garment Manufacturing

The manufacturing of garments is extensive. It involves buying fabrics from a producer and cutting and sewing them into clothes.

18. Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

The demand for fruit sauces such as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, jam and so on has been constant throughout time. Many methods for conserving food include fermentation, thermal processing and dehydration, pickling, freezing, etc.
After that, you can sell the garments you have made. To establish a successful garment manufacturing company, you’ll have to be cautious when selecting your products, buying equipment, establishing your business as a brand, and promoting your product.

18. Ginger Oil Manufacturing

There is a massive market for fresh and dried ginger. The most popular use of ginger oil is for confectionery drinks and baked goods. There is also an occasional outlet for the perfumery sector.

The current market for ginger oil can be estimated to be 517.68 tons per year. The demand is anticipated to increase to 4,212 tons by the year 2022. Manufacturing ginger oil could be a lucrative venture for startups.

20. Guar Gum Manufacturing

Guar gum, commonly referred to as Guaran, is a galactomannan. It is essentially the ground endosperm of the guar bean. Guar seeds are separated from their husks, milled, and then screened and milled to produce Guar gum. It is generally made as an off-white fluid powder. It is also a natural food thickener like locust bean cornstarch, gum, and tapioca.

21. Ice Cream Manufacturing

Anyone can begin manufacturing an ice-cream enterprise on a smaller scale with moderate capital investment.

Ice cream can be described as an ice-cream dairy product made through the appropriate mixing with and processing of cream and other milk products with flavouring, sugar stabilizer, flavour, and the addition of air through agitation during freezing. Ice cream is eaten by people of all ages and is particularly loved by children.

Bottom Line

Before launching any business, it is essential to conduct market research. With all the hottest ideas for manufacturing-related businesses, it is difficult to determine which ideas are worth exploring.

Market research can assist you in identifying potential opportunities on the market, determining the risk involved, anticipating future trends, etc.

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