2024 highest paying jobs in Iowa

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For people in Iowa considering a career path or looking for a change, it is important for you to know the highest paying jobs in Iowa. There are so many lucrative career opportunities in Iowa. Before you can get some of these high paying jobs in Iowa you either need to have a bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate education. Some jobs in Iowa require you to have skills and experience for survival.

When looking for jobs in Iowa, salary is an important consideration even though the cost of living in Iowa is relatively low.

What are the highest paying jobs in Iowa

What are the highest paying jobs in Iowa

Many of the highest paying jobs in Iowa are in healthcare, transportation and technology sectors. In this post, you will find out the highest paying jobs in Iowa.

Highest paying jobs in IowaSalary (Per year)
Family Practitioner$270,990
Nurse Anesthetist$207,240
Chief Executive$191,010
Product Marketing Director$167,677
Information technology (IT) security specialists$125,650
Physician Assistant$122,260
Nurse Practitioner$121,370
Business Consulting Manager$116,550
Software Engineer$101,530

1. Surgeon

Surgeons are trained and well experienced medical personnel that are involved in invasive procedure in order to treat diseases, repair injuries and provide lifesaving care. Some specialize in specific areas of the body. The average salary of surgeons in Iowa are $346,330 per year (for orthopedic surgeons); $260,840 per year (for oral and maxillo-facial surgeons); $289,990 per year (other).

2. Dermatologist

Dermatologists diagnose and treat skin, hair and nail diseases. They conduct examinations and complete procedures like biopsies of skin growths and administering cosmetic injections. The average salary of a dermatologist in Iowa is $326,930 per year.

3. Neurologist

Neurologists specialize in diseases and conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. They diagnose these conditions and implement treatment plans for patients. The average salary of a Neurologist in Iowa is $283,900 per year.

4. Family Practitioner

Family practitioners serve as primary physicians for children and adults. They conduct checkups and diagnose and treat illnesses and medical conditions. The average salary of family practitioner in Iowa is $270,990 per year.

5. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are trained medical professionals involved in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, like depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. They develop treatment plans to address symptoms and monitor patient progress. The average salary of a psychiatrist in Iowa is $248,080 per year.

6. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia and monitor patients before, during and after surgical procedures. The average salary of a Nurse Anesthetist in Iowa is $207,240 per year.

7. Chief Executive

Chief executives serve as the heads of companies, developing and implementing strategies to ensure their success and analyzing data to assess overall company performance. The average salary of a Chief Executive in Iowa is $191,010 per year.

8. Dentist

Dentists care for the teeth, gums and soft tissues in the mouth. They conduct exams and administer treatments, like filling cavities and applying crowns. The average salary of a Dentist in Iowa is $183,710 per year.

9. Product Marketing Director

Product marketing directors determine how to best promote a product or line of products to a company’s target market. They develop and implement strategies and oversee marketing specialists. The average salary of a Product Marketing Director in Iowa is $167,677 per year.

10. Orthodontist

Orthodontists treat numerous dental conditions, like protruding teeth, teeth gaps and misaligned or crowded teeth. They deliver treatment through orthodontic appliances, like braces and retainers. The average salary of an Orthodontist in Iowa is $141,241 per year.

11. Podiatrist

Podiatrists treat conditions that affect the foot, ankle and lower leg. They diagnose conditions, prescribe medications and perform procedures. The average salary of a Podiatrist in Iowa is $128,820 per year.

12. IT Security Specialist

Information technology (IT) security specialists identify vulnerabilities in computer systems and then develop plans to mitigate these threats. The average salary of Information technology (IT) security specialists in Iowa is $125,650 per year.

13. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants diagnose and treat patients under the supervision of a doctor. They often specialize in a field of medicine. The average salary of a Physician Assistant in Iowa is $122,260 per year.

14. Pharmacist

Pharmacists fill prescriptions and prepare medicines that will be administered to a patient or client. They may also educate patients/clients on how best to take the prescribed medications. The average salary of a Pharmacist in Iowa is $122,090 per year.

15. Nurse Practitioner

Registered nurses (RNs) who gain additional training become nurse practitioners (NPs). This enables them to diagnose, treat and monitor patients with more independence. They often focus on delivering care to patients with specific conditions or members of a particular population. The average salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Iowa is $121,370 per year.

16. Business Consulting Manager

Business consulting managers supervise teams of consultants providing services to clients. Their goal is to help companies improve processes and overcome challenges. The average salary of a Business Consulting Manager in Iowa is $116,550 per year.

17. Psychologist

Psychologists study thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Some conduct research, while others deliver therapy to help people manage mental health conditions or resolve issues in their lives. The average salary of a Psychologist in Iowa is $103,070 per year.

18. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop software programs and then test and analyze their performance, making modifications when necessary. The average salary of a Software Engineer in Iowa is $101,530 per year.

There may be substantial pay differences between corporate, academic and government roles within some of the job categories in Iowa.

When considering a job change in Iowa, start by looking at the certifications and training available in that field. Research salary comparison sites to see the typical wage for the role and whether the prospective employer offers competitive pay. 

As Andrew Seaman explains, preparing to negotiate salary during the hiring process is important. He also noted, “Despite the importance people place on money and benefits, such as flexible work schedules, many say they fail to negotiate for what they want.”

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