2024 highest paying jobs in New Jersey revealed

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Do you want to find out about the highest paying jobs in New Jersey? In this article you will find out the best paying jobs in the state that attract applicants from different race and background. However, some of the high paying jobs in New Jersey require years of experience, postgraduate education while others require just a bachelor’s degree.

In the United States, the cost of living is high in most states and New Jersey is no exception. As a result, a higher salary is needed before you can live a comfortable life in the state. New Jersey is among the top ten states with the highest income tax rate. Although residents of the state can file taxes for free, as well as enjoy numerous tax breaks on income and sales, New Jersey still carries a 10.75% income tax rate at the time of this writing.

According to recent data, the highest-paying jobs in New Jersey span in various industries (which include medicine, science and technology).

New Jersey has various opportunities for career growth and development across various industries. People might seek high paying opportunities in health care, finance and technology as they hope to earn more money in different roles. Learning about some of these jobs can help you decide if pursuing one of them is right for you. In this article, we discussed the highest paying jobs you can find in New Jersey, along with their primary responsibilities, educational qualification and average salaries.

What are the highest paying jobs in New Jersey

Those considering a career shift for a better salary should check out our list of the highest paying jobs in New Jersey.

Highest paying jobs in New JerseySalary (per year)
Natural Sciences Manager$199,980
Sales Manager$179,220
Industrial Production Manager$146,000
Advertising Manager$129,432
Marketing Manager$125,576
Cybersecurity Analyst$123,610
Engineering manager$118,205
Software Engineer$114,121
Head of security$111,534
Petroleum Engineer$109,362
Finance Manager$108,692
Computer Information Systems Analyst$90,310

1. Surgeon

Surgeons are highly trained medical professionals. They perform surgery to treat injuries, illnesses or other conditions. A surgeon might carry out procedures for health, reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. The average salary of a surgeon in New Jersey is $462,038 per year. With this salary, surgeons are the highest paying job in New Jersey.

2. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are trained medical professionals that evaluate, diagnose and treat people with mental illnesses through personal counseling (psychotherapy), psychoanalysis, hospitalization or medication. The average salary of Psychiatrists in New Jersey is $268,019 per year.

3. Natural Sciences Manager

Natural sciences managers direct scientific research and product development activities. They do start their careers as scientists and work several years in the Scientific field before rising into management positions. A natural sciences manager’s duties vary by field. The average salary of Natural Science Managers is $199,980 per year.

4. Physician

Physicians are health professionals that provide primary care to individuals and families. They oversee their patients’ medical records, perform routine and responsive health checks and prescribe medications and treatments as needed. Physicians might work independently at their own practice or work in a network of offices with other physicians and specialists. Their average salary is $197,943 per year.

5. Dentist

Dentists are medical professionals who assist patients with their oral health. Duties might include performing cleanings, filling cavities, administering anesthetics, conducting X-rays and recommending treatments. They might also perform more advance procedures like root canals, tooth removal or deep gum cleaning. The average salary of a Dentist is New Jersey is $194,867 per year.

6. Judge

Judges are legal practitioners trained to oversee court cases and ensure involved parties follow proper legal procedures. They run pretrial hearings, facilitate negotiations between opposing parties and issue legal decisions. The average salary of Judges in New Jersey is $193,029 per year.

7. Sales Manager

Sales managers are well trained and experienced individuals that guide organizations’ sales teams by setting goals and developing training programs. The average salary of Sales manager in New Jersey is $179,220 per year.

8. Attorney

Attorneys are legal practitioners that represent clients in legal proceedings, create legal documents and contracts and give legal advice related to their field. In New Jersey, the average salary of an Attorney is $153,800 per year.

9. Industrial Production Manager

Industrial production managers are experienced individuals who oversee production processes at facilities that manufacture goods such as cars, computer equipment or paper products. The average salary of Industrial production managers in New Jersey is $146,000 per year.

10. Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is a well trained, experienced and skilled individual who help to plan and create advertising campaigns that promote products or services to potential audience. The average salary of an advertising manager in New Jersey is $129,432 per year.

11. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are trained and experienced individuals that create and execute marketing strategies to maximize interest in an organization’s products and services. Marketing managers do have experience in either advertising, marketing or sales. The average salary of marketing managers in New Jersey is $125,576 per year.

12. Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts help protect organizations from various cyberattacks. With more and more cyberattacks happening, these analysts constantly develop new methods to prevent hackers from stealing information or causing problems for computer networks. The average salary of Cybersecurity analyst in New Jersey is $123,610 per year.

13. Engineering manager

Engineering managers supervise teams of engineers on various projects for different clients. They often oversee the budgets of their projects, determine assignments and identify resources needed. As experts in their field, they may also research new strategies and development techniques and suggest ways that their teams might apply engineering principles to their jobs. The average salary of Engineering managers in New Jersey is $118,205 per year.

14. Economist

Economists evaluate data to identify economic trends. Areas of research an economist might focus on include education, health, the environment, healthcare, energy, exchange rates, taxes, inflation or interest rates. The average salary of Economist is New Jersey is $119,448 per year.

15. Chiropractor

Highest paying jobs in New Jersey

Chiropractors are trained individuals who help people who have problems with their nerves, bones, muscles and tendons. This might include making spinal adjustments or advising patients on exercise or nutrition habits. The average salary of Chiropractor in New Jersey is $113,220 per year.

16. Software Engineer

Software engineers create and maintain computer applications and broader computer systems that run devices or control networks. The average salary of software engineers in New Jersey is $114,121 per year.

17. Head of security

Heads of security, or security managers, often determine the security protocols a business or location might follow. Depending on the size of their organization, they might manage a staff of security officers as they patrol grounds, verify identification, manage employee databases and other tasks that can keep a building safe. They might work for companies that work in office buildings, hospitals, airports and other facilities. The average salary of a security manager in New Jersey is $111,534 per year.

18. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineering is among our list of highest paying jobs in New jersey. Petroleum engineers devise methods to extract oil and gas from inside the earth. The average salary of petroleum engineers in New Jersey is $109,362 per year.

19. Finance Manager

Financial managers or Finance managers help organizations by creating financial reports, directing investment activities and formulating plans to achieve long-range goals. In New Jersey the average salary of a finance manager is $108,692 per year.

20. Architect

Architects design houses, buildings and other structures. They sometimes provide services before the design process starts, such as feasibility and environmental impact studies, site selection, cost analysis and design requirements. The average salary of an Architect in New Jersey is $99,000 per year.

21. Nurse

Nurses are trained medical professionals that assess patients’ health problems and needs. They provide care to treat illnesses and injuries. In New Jersey the average salary of a Nurse is $92,508 per year.

22. Computer Information Systems Analyst

Computer information systems analysts help structure companies’ information technology (IT) systems so that they operate as efficiently as possible. The average salary of Computer information systems analysts in New Jersey is $90,310 per year.

New Jersey offers a diverse range of industries for potential job seekers. The highest paying jobs in New Jersey require at least a bachelor’s degree, with some needing an advanced degree to specialize before you can get the job offer.

When considering a career change in New Jersey, start by looking at the certifications and training available in that field. Research salary comparison sites to see the typical wage for the role and whether the prospective employer offers competitive pay. 

As Andrew Seaman explains, preparing to negotiate salary during the hiring process is important. He also noted, “Despite the importance people place on money and benefits, such as flexible work schedules, many say they fail to negotiate for what they want.”

If you feel some jobs are meant to be in our list of highest paying jobs in New Jersey, please let us know via the comment below.

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