How To Add A Gift Card To Cash App

The answer is No, you cannot add a Gift Card to Cash App as it does not support Gift based cards yet. It only supports cards from Discover, MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Gift Cards have not yet been made available as a payment option for your Cash App accountHowever, there are some other methods to transfer your funds from your giftcard to your cash app wallet, and that is what I’ll be showing you in this article.

By Transferring the Money from Gift Card To Cash App?

 To transfer money from Gift Card to Cash App all you have to do is use the method below:

  1. Visit the CardCash website.
  2. Fill in the merchant’s name and the balance amount on your gift card, Click on GET OFFER. If an offer is available for your card, you’ll see the amount of PayPal balance that you will get after exchanging with this gift card. For Ex: $60.00
  3. If you accept the amount, click on “Get $60.00 Cash”
  4. From the pop-up window select PayPal Express as the payment method.
  5. Enter your gift card number and the PIN and connect it with your PayPal account
  6. Click on “Get my PayPal Balance”
  7. Once the balance reaches your PayPal Wallet, you can transfer the money to your bank account.
  8. Once it  reaches your Bank account, you can add it to your Cash App wallet.

I know this method is very stressful and long, but it is the only way to get your money from your giftcard to your cash app. There is no other way for now since Cash App has not started allowing direct transaction with any giftcard agency.


Cash App has not started allowing direct deposit of gift cards yet. So I’ll advise that whenever you want to transfer money from your giftcard to your cash app account, just use the above steps

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