How To Create A Verified Lesotho Paypal Account in Nigeria

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How to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account – In this article, you are going to find out how to open a Lesotho PayPal account that can send and receive money right here in Nigeria. In this article, you will find out how to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

It’s no news that Nigeria PayPal do not receive fund but can only send, this makes it difficult for it to be used for online businesses aside for buying and paying for goods and services. I have thought about this a lot and I decided to research on it and I discovered a way out and this is the use of Lesotho business PayPal which has the full PayPal feature, which means that it can send and receive fund as well as do other things a foreign PayPal does.

Before looking at how to open Lesotho PayPal account, Let us look at why you should open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

Why Should You Open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria?


It gives you the ability to recover your account back with the necessary required documents. US PayPal accounts are cool, but then the risks of losing your funds are high that a single mistake can evoke the PayPal hammer.

Lately, there is being much complaining that most people are unable to retrieve their PayPal account in Nigeria because they don’t have documents to provide.

Of course, some internet marketers won’t tell you the bad about using the US PayPal account in Nigeria, and they want to make their money a let you suffer the rest.

You’re desperately in need of a PayPal account that could do almost anything. But your attention has been deviated to see only the right side of using such PayPal in Nigeria.

Is it Secure to Open a Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria?

Is Lesotho PayPal’s account secure? Yes, it is secure to open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

Can I Use Lesotho PayPal Account for Drop-shipping?

Oh Yes, if you are planning to change the way you receive your payment. Lesotho PayPal is excellent since you can use your primary Nigerian documents when creating the account and provide them when your account gets the hammer.

Can Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers Use Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria?

Yes, if you are a blogger or internet marketer or affiliate marketer, you can open Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria to send and receive payments quickly.

Requirements To open Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

If you are ready to open your Lesotho PayPal Account, I have listed the necessary information you need for this tutorial to be successful. The Requirements Includes:

  • Full Name
  • An Email Address: it will be used as a means where affiliate merchants, clients, bloggers, or anybody using a PayPal account can send you money. As well, you need to log in.
  • A Valid Government issued ID: It can be your National ID, Voters Card, International Passport, Driver License, etc.
  • Phone Number: Nigerian phone Number
  • Your full Nigerian Address: Your Address must match the one on your Government-issued ID card.

If you have all the above requirements ready, you can proceed with creating your PayPal account.

Now, let us talk about how to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account or how to open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

Full Guide to Successfully Opening a Verified Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

Below is the step by step guide on how to open a verified Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria in less than 10 minutes. Kindly follow the steps carefully.

1. Go to, or copy and paste this link in your browser. When you do that this is what the page you will see will look like below. So click on Signup

How To Create A Verified Lesotho Paypal Account

2. When on the page you need to choose business, because we are opening a business account and that is the account that has the full paypal feature we need. Then select business account on the next page as shown below and then click continue when that is done.

How To Create A Verified Lesotho Paypal Account

3. When that is done you will be taken to the next page where you are to provide your email as shown in the image below. It’s best if you open a fresh verified Gmail for this purpose. Enter your email there and click on continue. Please it’s advisable you use a Gmail account or a custom email if you have one, avoid yahoo mail at all cost. When you enter the email , click on next and you will be taken to the next page

How To open Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

4. On the next page you will be required to enter your personal information and your business information.. Don’t worry about the business info but make sure you are using your real name as it is on your document here. So in the email field, we enter the email we want to use to open the paypal account and then enter and reenter the desired password. On the business information area , where asked for legal names enter your original first name and last name there, for business name you can put any business name you want to use there, it doesn’t matter whether registered or not, in my case I just put a name I want.

5. Where asked for telephone number, click the drop down option from Lesotho and change it to Nigeria which is +234 and the you enter your mobile number there omitting the very first zero that start the number, for instance instead of 08045, use 8045…

6. And then you enter your address as it is on your bank statement and the next is to select the currency you want the PayPal to use, in this case select USD and tick I AGEE AND CONTINUE and click Agree and Continue.

Requirements for How To open Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

7. When you do this you will be taken to the next page which is the tell us about your business page where you will be required to tell them what type of business. Just select individual and then select anything as category and subcategory here and proceed you can omit the business url option and leave blank. And then click on continue

Guide to Successfully Open and Verify a Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

However, the business website URL is compulsory if you own an e-commerce site.

This next step is one of the most critical steps while creating the Lesotho PayPal account.

Anything you provide here will determine if your account can be reinstated when you get locked out or not. Therefore input every correct detail necessary as asked.

8. After clicking on continue, you will be taken to account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document for verification. Put in Nigeria as your nationality, select the document you wish to use and enter the corresponding details there, in my case I am using an international passport so I will select that from the drop down and provide the passport number and my original date of birth as it is on the passport. See image below

How To Open and Verify a Lesotho PayPal Account In Nigeria

9. So next is to submit it by clicking submits as shown above. When you do that you will get to a page as shown below asking you to confirm your email address to activate your account and setup your payment.

How To Create A Verified Lesotho Paypal Account

Now, you can boost it, but you have to verify your email and add your card to start using the account.

10. The next thing is to link your card or bank account to your Paypal account in order to send fund from your bank account to your Paypal, so as vice versa.

Now hat you have known how to open a Lesotho PayPal account, there are some things you need to do after creating a Lesotho PayPal account which include verifying your email address and kinking your bank card to your newly created Lesotho PayPal account.

Verifying Your Lesotho PayPal Email Address

To verify your newly opened Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria, kindly check your email inbox and you will see an email from PayPal asking you to verify your account. Click the Confirm Email Address button. That’s it, your email is confirmed.

Linking Card to PayPal account.

Before you go on to link your card with your Lesotho PayPal account, read. You must know which card works well with the PayPal account. If you use the wrong card, it will be rejected anytime you try to add it.

The problem could any of the following.

1. Insufficient funds For Lesotho PayPal Verification

The card you are trying to add has inadequate funds for PayPal to remove their confirmation fee. You are required to have at least $3 (=N=1500) in your account for PayPal to confirm that you own the card. After you verify your account, PayPal will refund your money back to you.

2. Your Card Has Expired or Not a Type of Card Accepted.

Credit card, debit card, or Prepaid can be used to verify PayPal account, however not all cards are accepted by PayPal.

I use Wema Bank Mastercard, which is accepted by PayPal because PayPal is not a 3D payment gateway. Wema Bank has now made it easy for their users, and they have a virtual card that is in the dollar, you can shop anywhere in the world with it. Except for 3D payment gateways.

What Type of Card Can You Use To Verify Your Lesotho PayPal Account?

If you have any of the following cards, you are ready to proceed with adding and verifying your Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria. If not so, check and see the convenient one you can collect from your banks and use.

  • FCMB Dollar MasterCard
  • UBA Mastercard or Visa Prepaid Card
  • Alat by Wema MasterCard or Alat Dollar Card
  • Access Bank Visa Card
  • Stanbic IBTC Mastercard
  • GT bank Dollar Mastercard

All of the above-listed cards work seamlessly with PayPal account Verification if you have any of them proceed to the next step on how to verify your PayPal account.

Just make sure you have $3 equivalent in your Naira account or Dollar card to proceed.

How To Verify Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria

Do you have your card ready? Let’s get you verified in just a few minutes, shall we?

1. Login to your Lesotho PayPal account dashboard, and you will see an orange like a flag with text in front of it asking you to Link and Confirm your Debit or Credit card. Below it, click see details or go to
Once the page loads, choose to link a credit card.

2. Now, enter your card number in the first column

3. Year of Expiration of the card in the third column, you can find it at the front area of your card below the numbers, e.g., 07/24

4. Enter the CVV code of your card into the fourth column is the last 3 digit codes found at the back of your card.

5. Proceed with the Lesotho PayPal verification by clicking on Link Card

6. Accept the next question, and your account will be debited with a least 700 to 800 naira.

7. Wait for some few minutes for the alert to come up, You will notice the word CODE written as part of the statement, the numbers before the word are the code you need to provide to verify your account. The code should contain something like this *PP1232PP

8. Now copy ONLY the 4 digit number in the code and navigate to the card you added earlier.

9. Click on the “Confirm Card” label and verify that you own the card by entering the 4 digit number you copied earlier and click “Confirm.”

And you can start receiving money and sending out.

Now that you have know how to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account, you will need to protect your newly created Lesotho PayPal account from getting limited or ban. That is why I ave decided you should know how to protect your Lesotho PayPal account.

How To Protect Your Lesotho PayPal Account from Getting Limited or Ban.

Follow these rules, and the Days of your Lesotho PayPal account In Nigeria shall be prolonged. Failure to adhere to the regulations, you are on your own. Know them like you know your times’ table.

1. Never Request Charge Back or Perform a foul Transaction that will require you to request a charge-back using your PayPal account.

Do this: Contact the person you mistakenly sent the wrong amount to and ask them to use the refund feature in PayPal to keep your money the way it is. It will help both of you to avoid unnecessary charges when.

2. Avoid logging in from private Tab or Just any device you find, dedicate either your PC or Smartphone to using PayPal whenever the need arises.

3. Never use VPN to log in; your Lesotho PayPal account does not need you to change your IP before you can access it. Instead, use the URL to log in anytime you want to do so

4. When you have issue with your account you should call paypal on this number 1-402-935-2050 with the number you used when registering the paypal account and it will be resolved ASAP. Note that when calling them always make sure you have your unique one time passcode, you can get it here;

5. You can use this link to link your card to your paypal;

6. Try as much as possible to let some balance be in your paypal account rather than withdrawing everything to the last penny, this help your account standing

7. Avoid using your paypal for dubious activity or illegal activity because you may lose your account and fund when you least expected.

8. You can link additional email up to 5 to your PayPal account by using this link

How to Fund your PayPal account in Nigeria

Now that you have a verified PayPal account, it’s time to fund your account. There are many ways to fund your PayPal account in Nigeria. However, we’ll just take a look at 2 ways to fund your PayPal account in Nigeria.

1. Fund From Debit Card

This is the most popular and safest method of funding PayPal account in Nigeria. All you need to do is to link your card as explained above. From there, you can conveniently fund your PayPal account.

2. Transfer from Friends

Another popular method of funding PayPal account is by asking your friends that also have a verified PayPal account to send you some funds. This isn’t a free transfer though. You’ll need to send them the Nigeria equivalent of how much you want to be sent to your PayPal account to your friend and they will send you the funds when you give them your PayPal email.

If your preferred currency is the US Dollar, you’ll have to send the equivalent in Nigeria naira to your friend.

How to Withdraw Withdraw Money from your Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria

To withdraw your money from your Verified PayPal account in Nigeria, you’ll have to get the following.

  • UBA AfriCard / First Atlantic Bank Prepaid Card / Access Bank Prepaid
  • PayPal Account (Which we have already created by now)

I recommend you link these cards to your PayPal account. You can only withdraw your PayPal funds via these cards to your bank account in Nigeria. Just one of this card is enough for this purpose.

  • Visit the PayPal Dashboard by signing in –
  • On the Dashboard, click on “Withdraw Funds”
  • On the next screen, click on “From” and choose your PayPal Balance
  • Then next, click on “To” and choose your linked Visa Card
  • Enter the amount and click on “Continue”
  • On the next screen, you will see a review of the transaction you are about to undertake. Click on “Transfer” to have the money sent instantly to your Card.

According to PayPal, it takes about 3 to 7 business days for you to get the money. However, the transfer is mostly instant and you can check your balance using your App or ATM. Now that you have known how to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria or how to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria, feel free to ask any question via the comment box below and don’t forget to make use of the share button.

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