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How to do NMCN Online License Renewal, WCEA, CPDP, MCPDP Fees

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In this article, you will find out the steps required to do NMCN online license renewal as well as WCEA, CPDP, MCPDP Fees.

Before we look at NMCN online license renewal fees and WCEA, CPDP, MCPDP Fees, it will be appropriate for you to know the requirement for NMCN portal license renewal and also how to get 6 Credit Unit for license renewal.

Note: Students undergoing approved Post-Basic Nursing Courses or Full time Nursing Programme in conventional Universities are exempted from MCPDP. All they need is their Admission letter, School identity card and an introduction letter from their school Head of Department.

Requirement for NMCN portal License Renewal

  • Individual must have 6 credit unit courses approved by NMCN (which must include physical MCPDP).
  • Certificate of Training from whom He studied the Courses (MCPDP, CPD, others). That is, you need one MCPDP certificate and 30 contact hours of WCEA, or two MCPDP certificates to renew your license.
  • Photo Passport.
  • Valid email address and/or Phone number.
  • Fees to be paid.
  • Expired license.

How to get 6 Credit Unit for license renewal?

MCPDP is an approved program by NMCN that let you obtain your 6 credit unit to renew your license.

Every single MCPDP Certificate has 3 credit unit for license renewal, therefore two MCPDP certificates is needed to renew one license.

MCPDP courses is performed and organized by an approved members of NAMMN and NMCN from an accredited University, School of Nursing or an Organization.


WCEA is no longer free, but CPDP is still free and they are both acceptable for licence renewal.

WCEAN10,000 per year

Registered nurse that want to renew his license must have performed two MCPDP each one cost N20,000 making total of N40,000.

The WCEA fees for those in diaspora is $50. All nurses and midwives registered with NMCN in diaspora, renewing their licences without MCPDP certificates or other approved NMCN CPD’s (e.g. NANNNA conference) would be required to complete 3 credit units on the WCEA platform before renewing their licences.

Note: the fees quoted above exclude tax, transaction charges and VAT. All approved payment platforms (such as Cards, USSD, Bank transfer, Cash Deposit, etc) in Nigeria are available and acceptable.

How WCEA (CPD) Reduce Cost of MCPDP with N20,000

With WCEA you can get 3 credit units and attach it with one MCPDP to make it 6 credit units for License renewal.

Let us talk about how to do NMCN online license renewal since you have known the requirement for NMCN portal license renewal and also how to get 6 Credit Unit for license renewal.

How to do NMCN Online License Renewal with WCEA

Full details and processes on how to register, take the WCEA courses and use the certificates to apply for your license renewal online.

You can only renew your license if it has expired. But if your license has not expired, you can just take the courses and keep the certificate.

Council requires 3 CPD Points which is same as 30 Contact hours of WCEA, so you can either use one MCPDP certificate to apply now or 30 Contact hour of your WCEA.

WCEA is implementing new subscription plans for nurses and midwives in Nigeria and Diaspora as part of MCPDP and license renewal.

WCEA subscription fee is N10,000 per year while a 3-year subscription is N20,000.

Nurses and Midwives working in Nigeria can obtain up to 3 credit units as part of MCPDP through WCEA.

Those in Diaspora must obtain a minimum 3 credits units via WCEA before renewing their license in Nigeria and you will be able to benefit from courses which can be used for license renewal in the country where you are currently practicing ( ANCC accredited & Royal Colleges in the UK etc ).

Here are some of the benefits of the platform:

  • Study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home/workplace, saving you travel, time & money.
  • Maintain competencies and learn new skills.
  • Study online & offline (Mobile App & Online Platform).
  • 100’s of new accredited courses covering all specialty areas.
  • Access to weekly webinars & African research articles. You can register and join Webinars using the WCEA App. You will find webinar below the NMCN symbol.



  • Register and take WCEA courses: Register online to get your username and password. The link for the registration is
  • Next, get the app from your phones playstore (Apple store or Google Playstore) and launch it. It will require you to change the password before proceeding.
  • Take the courses listed, there are lots of them. You can also download the courses you wish to study.
  • Some courses have higher credits than others but take courses as you like and make sure to learn from them.
  • Make sure to take the post exam evaluation so as to get Certificate.
  • The certificates are pilled up in the app under the icon of a graduation cap🎓
  • After completing the required 30 contact hours, click on ‘GET’ at the top right corner the page where the certificates are piled up. This will get the course summary which you will upload in the course of renewal if necessary.

You can also get access to the CPD platform online, using the link below:


NOTE: If you wish to study offline, the course/s once downloaded are stored in the wallet, symbol in the bottom middle of App. Switch off your WIFI or Data, DO NOT LOG OUT OF THE App, complete the courses when you have time. When you reconnect to the internet, your certificates will generate and appear in the Education Tracker. If you want to study straight away, Click on Start TAKE COURSE to start the course.

Click on TAKE EXAM to take the exams/quiz after the course. Complete the Evaluation after the Exam. To find your certificates, go to the Education Tracker (bottom right
hand corner of the App). Click on Export Summary Report at the bottom of the Education tracker (top left corner of the App).


  • Log in here and activate your account on NMCN portal:
  • Authentication code will be sent to the mail and phone number linked to your licence. Which will be required, if you have issues with authentication code while trying to activate your account, send your full name, RN or RM number, date of birth, active mail, mobile number, to [email protected] OR [email protected]
  • You will get feedback within 48hrs work days
  • Then fill steps 1-3 with your details and necessary documents
  • Fill your qualifications and upload : soft copy of Passport (<100kb) and nursing certificate or Notification (<200kb PDF format).


  • Click on licence Renewal
  • Fill your geopolitical zone, state and the collection point.
  • When asked if you have done MCPDP, click Yes, but if you’re a student, as stated above, click No and follow the steps carefully.
  • Under step 3 is where you need your WCEA certificate/WCEA report sheet
  • After uploading one certificate(MCPDP), click on click to add module and follow the steps to upload another certificate if necessary.
  • Make sure your renewal documents e.g soft copy of MCPDP certificate is <200kb, PDF format and are saved where you can access them easily


  • Generate remitta (RRR Number) on the license page (your portal) and make payment choosing online banking or Bank branch payment can be done online or you will copy out the RRR number to any Commercial Bank Branch and make payment.
  • Immediately payment is made, your status will indicate Pending NMCN approval
  • Payment receipt will be sent to your registered mail if online payment is made or printed out to you if Bank Branch is used.
  • License renewal is N13,125 and penalty of N6,562 for each default year With just a grace of 3 months post date of license expired date

NMCN portal license renewal

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) has started the implementation of the revised chargeable fees for her services.

This was made known in a letter cited which was signed by the Head of Accounting unit of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, dated July 1st, 2021 and addressed to the head of Nursing and Health institutions nationwide.

Below is the new service charges according to the circular:

  • NMCN portal license renewal fee N13,125
  • Re-issue of lost document N10,937 per document
  • Penalty for late renewal N6,562 per year of default.

NMCN licence verification fees

Verification of licence to foreign organisation has also increased.

Below is the newly approved verification fees:

  • Online Verification to UK Nursing Board N68,875
  • Verification to any other country N68,875 per certificate
  • To whom it May Concern N10,937

Others include:

  • Change of Name: N10,937
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Council Examination registration fees for Basic Nursing students is now N48,748
  • For Basic Midwifery N59,685
  • Registration of Nurses and Midwives after successful examinations cost N42,967 while Postgraduate registration goes for N61,092

Registration of foreign trained Nurses fees

  • Application cost: N13,125
  • Application fee covering indexing and other logistics cost: N188,000

Now that you have known about how to do online licence renewal, NMCN online license renewal fees as well as WCEA, CPDP, MCPDP Fees. Feel free to check out:

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6 thoughts on “How to do NMCN Online License Renewal, WCEA, CPDP, MCPDP Fees”

  1. I really appreciate you for all you are doing to take nursingto.a new horizon. I also.have a question concerning the renewal of licence for the retired Nurse as regards online renewal. In view of the waiver for 6 units mcpdp to 3units, is online renewal recommended. How do one go about it ?
    Thank you.
    The portal is not accepting 3 units for renewal

  2. I really appreciate you for all you are doing to take nursingto.a new horizon. I also.have a question concerning the renewal of licence for the retired Nurse as regards online renewal. In view of the waiver for 6 units mcpdp to 3units, is online renewal recommended. How do one go about it ?
    Thank you.

  3. Hi!
    I did 30hours of WCEA but it is not all the courses that came up with certificates. I could download the summary of courses done though. How do I use it for licence renewal?
    Also I am currently on my PhD (Nursing) in the diaspora. Does that count as being in a conventional study? Tx

  4. I have my cpdp or workshop certificate and also my wcea result yet when I upload my cpdp certificate for licence renewal, nmcn will reject my renewal indicating I upload my mcpdp certificate. Am confused as I paid #20,000 for the workshop and got my certificate why then is it been rejected. Please kindly assist.

    • Hi Nnenna,
      Sorry to hear about that. Why don’t you upload your WCEA to apply for license renewal. A lot of changes are taking place regarding license renewal and verification.


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