How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings in 2023

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Are you a blogger looking for ways on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings?

Every blogger using AdSense as their major source of revenue want to how to increase their AdSense earnings and the good news is that there is a way to start gaining more money from Adsense almost instantly without breaking any of their set rules or guidelines.

Monetizing your website with AdSense is the easiest way to make money online. The biggest mistake I see with people using Adsense as their means of monetization, is they forget that Adsense is a CPC based network. You get paid per click (the number of times a visitor clicks on your ad) not by impression (the number of times a visitor sees your ad).

In this article, I will explain the ways on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

One factor to which you must give serious consideration involves the placement of your ads. Be careful to make sure you don’t violate AdSense policies by placing your ads in a way that forces users to click on them. Additionally, be sure never to ask someone to click on your ads.

With those important considerations out of the way, AdSense’s new interface has some easy-to-use features which will help you to boost your revenue.

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How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

It is commonly said that traffic is directly proportional to making money in blogging, but this is not usually accurate in terms of AdSense as a means of monetization. The reason for this is that there are many factors which affect your AdSense earnings. These include:

  • Ad placement
  • Ad type
  • The source of traffic and most importantly
  • AdSense CPC.

If you are doing keyword research, keep an eye on the CPC column in your AdSense dashboard. The higher the CPC, the better it is for you as an Adsense publisher.

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So what are the ways to increase my AdSense earnings?

1. Create high quality contents

The best way of getting more clicks and increasing your revenue is by creating high quality contents for your visitors. By generating traffic, you are increasing your chances of getting clicks. And by attracting people, your site becomes attractive for advertisers.

At this point, you may ask how can you create valuable content? A simple place to start is know the type of niche you want to write about and also look out for your competitors in that niche.

So what are the right content types for Adsense?

  1. In-depth and engaging articles with high-quality content
  2. List posts
  3. List posts formatted as slideshows
  4. Image heavy content
  5. Product reviews or technical content
  6. Content that shares tips
  7. Entertainment content

There are certain content types that don’t do too well with Adsense probably because of their niche and the general audience behavior and they are:

  • News content
  • Low quality and poorly written content

In general, Adsense works well for sites where the intent of the site visitors is to find solutions to their problems.

Sites that are based on hobbies or where the visitors are generally passing time generally don’t perform as well.

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2. Improve the size and location of your Ads

This is one of the most common factors involved in getting low vs. high CTR.

You should try putting Adsense ads around the content and above the fold. (Above-the-fold ads perform far better than below-the-fold ads)

You can blend the ads with your site design as well.

However, make sure that your ads are not annoying your visitors and creating a negative perception anytime they visit your website.

If you’re running a WordPress blog, below are a few placements that are worth trying to maximize your earnings:


  • In order to increase the click-through rate (CTR), Google recommends you use 728×90 leaderboard image ad unit above the fold of your homepage and below the main navigation bar
  • Depending on the page length, you may also use a vertical ad unit with the same size (728×90) in the middle or at the end of the homepage
    Test different ad units– either 160×600 wide skyscraper or 300×250 medium rectangle in your sidebar

Blog page:

  • Place a 336×280 large rectangle ad unit at the top of your article
  • Use a similar ad unit at the end of your post before the comments section
  • Similar to the homepage, place a skyscraper or a medium rectangle ad unit in your sidebar

As you can see, in the Adsense world size matters.

When you design a website for Adsense income, you should keep the AdSense heatmap in your mind. This way you can easily create Adsense-optimized themes and designs for your new site.

3. Source of traffic and location

Adsense ads perform best when your traffic is from search engines like Google, Bing. Also, interest-based ads might not perform as well if you are getting more direct traffic. Many people complain about low CPC and low Adsense income despite leaving millions of impressions per month. This is mostly due to CPC and traffic sources. Start targeting traffic from countries like the U.S.A and the U.K, and you will end up getting high CPC.

4. Use Image or Text Ads

One of the myths of AdSense is that image ads work better.

With Adsense, you’re allowed to choose whether your ad unit is image based or text based (If it is available for you as an option but if it is not you can opt in for Multiplex ads formerly Matched contents). Unless you’re seriously in love with one type of ad, try using Text & Image based ads.

Using both text and image options allows more advertisers to bid on it (text ad bids and image ad bids) and increases your overall Cost Per Click. Besides text ads tend to increase CTR than image ads.

Don’t expect to see an instant jump in CPC. From my experience, it’s not a huge increase, but over time, it does pay more per click than an only text or only image ad.

5. Place ads within the post content

I know, it’s ugly to have ads between your content, but it’s where your ads can get the most exposure. If you want to increase Adsense revenue, you can easily configure Adsense ads to match with your page background and colors, but also ensure to add enough space between ads and content, so that it doesn’t violate AdSense policies.

Adsense offers many ways to monetize your site, and you should try to take advantage of all ad types. Adsense for Search not only helps you monetize, but it also helps with user navigation within your site.

7. Use Ezoic

With Ezoic, you can more money both from Google AdSense as well as from Ezoic.

We all know that ad placement and ad size are two crucial aspects of increasing AdSense revenue. However, the challenge is to manually test it all by yourself. This is where you should take advantage of Artificial intelligence tool like Ezoic.

This is a free tool and available for all bloggers who want to take the advantage of Ezoic features to increase their AdSense earnings. This service once configured (your account manager will assist you with the configuration), will automatically start experimenting with Ads to optimize user experience. The reason why I like Ezoic and am suggesting you this as the first thing is that it focuses on user experience the most, which not only makes your readers happy but helps you to earn more money.

Also, the good user experience is a positive SEO signal which in turns improve your ranking.

Feel free to join Ezoic and start making more revenue.

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8. AdSense for YouTube

If you are a video publisher or if you upload videos to your YouTube channel, you can monetize your copyrighted video using the YouTube publisher program. I have been using it for a long time, and it performs really well. Performance, of course, depends on the traffic your YouTube videos get.

9. AdSense Arbitrage

Google AdSense arbitrage is buying traffic to your site at a much lower rate than what Google AdSense is paying you. With arbitrage you can make a lot of money. However, Adsense arbitrage is very risky, you may either lose your fund or get your Adsense account banned if you are not careful. You can go ahead to read our article on how Google AdSense arbitrage works and how to make money from it.

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10. Experiment and keep experimenting

If your only source of income is Google Adsense revenue, perhaps these tips will be helpful to you.

It is important to test various things and see what works the best for you. For example, you can play with link colors and see which link color combination is generating maximum CTR, etc.

Whatever I’ve shared in this article is based on my own experiments and testing that I’ve done on different sites in different niches.

Even if it works for you, you still need to experiment with other variations to determine whether it’s the best approach for your niche and audience.

You can create experiments and A/B tests from your Google Adsense dashboard in the “Experiment” section. Here are the step by step guidelines by Google to create successful experiments.

What should you test in Adsense ads?

  1. Test different ad positions or location
  2. Test different ad types and unit sizes
  3. Test different link CTA colors
  4. Test different background colors

That’s it!

Conclusively, if you use the tips we’ve listed in this post, you can easily increase your website traffic and skyrocket your Adsense earnings.

We hope you like our article on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

How to Increase AdSense Earnings

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What is AdSense earning?

AdSense earning is the amount of money you’ve made in your selected time period (2 weeks for me).

What is Ads clicked?

Ads clicked, is the amount of ads clicked by your site visitors.

What is eCPM?

eCPM stands for effective Cost Per 1000 impressions (M being a roman numeral). It’s the total earnings per 1000 impressions.

What is AdSense Ads Viewed?

AdSense Ads Viewed is the total number of ads seen, from all multiple ads on all the pageviews.

What is AdSense Page Impressions or ad impression?

AdSense Page Impressions is the amount of pages viewed that have AdSense ads on them.

What Is Adsense Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Google Adsense Click-through Rate (CTR) represents the number of clicks on your ads against the number of times they’ve been shown on your site visitors or is the percentage of clicks you get for each ad impression. For example, if your ads get 5 clicks out of 100 views (impressions); your Adsense CTR would be 5%.

Here’s the simple formula Google uses to calculate Adsense CTR

Total Number of Ad Clicks ÷ Total Number of Impressions = Click Through Rate (CTR)

Apart from traffic generation, CTR is the most important factor that impacts your Adsense earnings.

There’s no use of thousands of visitors if your CTR is awfully low.

A low CTR means you’re not fully utilizing the potential of your website traffic and making a lot less than what you can by generating more ad clicks.

How Is Adsense CTR Calculated?

Here’s the simple formula Google uses to calculate Adsense CTR

Total Number of Ad Clicks ÷ Total Number of Impressions = Click-Through Rate (CTR)

But what if you own multiple sites with the same Adsense code?

Listen carefully.

Adsense CTR is calculated for your Adsense account, not your individual sites separately.

This means that if you own four different sites and one of them has really poor CTR, it’ll impact your overall Adsense account CTR.

Why Is Adsense CTR Important?

Why does it matter if your Adsense CTR is low?

First of all, it means you’re not making as much money as you can from your ads. It’s either because people are not finding your content engaging and they don’t stick long enough to click on your ads.

Or you’ve simply not optimized your ads for conversions.

Secondly, Google uses your account CTR to determine the overall quality of your Adsense account which impacts the ads displayed on your site.

What Is A Good Adsense CTR?

There are lots of theories and myths about the perfect Adsense CTR but in reality, no one knows for sure.

In my experience, anything between 3%-5% is pretty good.

But if you’re in a high CPC niche, you can make the amount of money (or even more) with just 1% CTR as compared to a site in a low CPC niche.

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