What is intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria

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I got a mail of someone asking; “what is intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria?”

Becoming a physiotherapist in Nigeria isn’t that easy, you will need to survive rigorous academic activities in the university. Once you have been inducted to become a certified physiotherapist, you will need to go for one-year internship program. For those who wish to know what the salary of physiotherapist intern in Nigeria is, well, in this article, you are about to find out.

Before I let you know physiotherapist intern salary in Nigeria is, you need to know who an intern physiotherapist is, their responsibilities and places where a physiotherapist can do his or her internship.

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Who is an intern physiotherapist?

What is intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria

An intern physiotherapist is a graduate physiotherapist, inducted by the Nigeria society of physiotherapy to undergo one-year of training in any accredited federal government or state hospitals in Nigeria. During the internship programme, the intern physiotherapist is there to learn, ask questions to clarify doubts and gain experience or acquire more knowledge.

The intern physiotherapist works with clients to determine and improve their body functions and movement. During the internship programme, the intern physiotherapist assists in the rehabilitation process through body system development and storage. They are also involve in the promotion of well-being and health of the patients. Intern physiotherapists also help to encourage development and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in work while helping them remain independent for as long as possible.

Now that you have known who a physiotherapist intern is, let us take a look at the salary of physiotherapist intern in Nigeria.

What is intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria?

The salary of an intern physiotherapist in Nigeria is N120,000 per month. Intern physiotherapists are paid using the CONHESS (Consolidated Health Salary Structure) as shown below;

StructureMonthly Pay
CONHESS 7N80,000
CONHESS 8N90,000
CONHESS 9N100,000
CONHESS 10N120,000
CONHESS 11N150,000
CONHESS 12N180,000
CONHESS 13N230,000
CONHESS 14N280,000
CONHESS 15N350,000

Also check out physiotherapist salary in Nigeria. Now that you have known intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria, let us look at places you can do your internship as a physiotherapist.

Places a physiotherapist can do internship

Physiotherapists can do their internship program in any;

  • Federal government hospitals
  • Federal medical centers and
  • State-owned hospitals
  • Selected private hospitals like Havana Specialist Hospital

The duration to study physiotherapy in Nigeria is 5 years. Physiotherapy is a 5-year course programme in Nigerian universities. New graduates of physiotherapy must complete a 1-year internship programme in an accredited hospital in Nigeria.

So in case you don’t know, the duration for internship program in Nigeria is one year no matter the medical profession you are involve in. So ensure you make use of that one year wisely. To get internship program quickly, you will need to track hospitals whose applications are opened for internship as well as their closing date so that you won’t miss out.

Things needed for internship application

Before you apply for internship as a physiotherapist, there are some things you need to submit and they include;

  • Your CV
  • Application letter
  • Degree certificate or Statement of result
  • License and registration certificate
  • O’level results (WAEC, NECO or GCE)
  • Primary school leaving certificate/testimonial
  • LGA identification letter
  • Birth certificate or Statutory age declaration (Affidavit)
  • 3 recommendation letters

During internship, you will know what it takes to be a physiotherapist and the various ways to handle each client. Now that you have known intern physiotherapist salary in Nigeria, feel free to also check out:

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