What is Nurse Assistant Salary in Ghana

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Are you planning on becoming a clinical nurse assistant in Ghana?
Then it is necessary for you to know nurse assistant salary in Ghana.

You should know that a Nurse assistant is also known as clinical nurse assistant, so don’t be confuse when we interchange the terms.

You might be asking who a Nurse assistant is.

Who is a Nurse assistant?

A Nurse Assistant is a well trained healthcare providers who have undergone a two-year training in any of the accredited health training institutions in Ghana.

Nurse assistant provides healthcare to patients or clients under the supervision of either a Registered Nurse or Midwife.

One of the duties of Nurse assistant is to collaborate with other healthcare team in providing holistic healthcare to the patient. They also educate patients or clients in disease prevention and health promotion.

To become a nurse assistant in Ghana you must undergo a 2-year training in any of the accredited health training institutions in Ghana.

Now that you have known who a Nurse assistant is, it is appropriate for you to know that if you want to become a Nurse assistant, there are two types of nurse assistant programmes in Ghana.

Before we look at Nurse assistant salary in Ghana, let us first take a look at the two various typea of nurse assistant programmes in Ghana

Types of nurse assistant programmes in Ghana

In Ghana, there are two types of nurse assistant programmes and they are

  • Nurse Assistant Clinical (NAC)
  • Nurse Assistant Preventive (NAP)

Nurse Assistant Clinical focuses on diagnostic care which include diagnosing and treatment of symptoms of patients who are already sick.

Nurse Assistant Preventive covers preventive care which includes screening and tests. Diagnostic care may result if a preventive screening detects abnormal results.

Nurse Assistant Clinical focuses mainly on diagnosing and treating patients who are already sick, Nurse Assistant Preventive focuses on tests and screenings that are taken on patients who are already-fit.

What is the duration of nurse assistant programme in Ghana?

The duration of nurse Assistant programme in Ghana is 2 years. This is shorter than Diploma in Nursing.

I know you are eager to find out the monthly salary of nurse assistant in Ghana.

What is nurse assistant salary in Ghana?

The salary of nurse assistants in Ghana is GHC1,300 per month after tax deduction. Nurse assistant salary is low, but the salary is affected by your years of experience and the institution or hospital (either a private or public sector) you are working for.

Nurse assistants are also know as Auxiliary nurses. So, in case you want to know the salary of an Auxiliary nurse then the salary of an Auxiliary nurse in Ghana is GHS 1,300 monthly after tax deduction.

Now that you have known Nurse assistant salary in Ghana and you want to know the best Nurse assistant school you can attend, keep on reading to find out some of the nurse assistant schools in Ghana.

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Nurse Assistant Schools in Ghana

Below is the list of some of the nurse assistant clinical school in Ghana for those who wish to study nurse assistant in Ghana;

  1. Health Assistance Training School NALERIGU
  2. Health Assistance Training School SEFWI WIAWSO
  3. Health Assistance Training School SUNYANI
  4. Health Assistance Training School TEPA
  5. Health Assistance Training School WA
  6. Health Assistance Training School YENDI
  7. Health Assistance Training School TESHIE
  8. Health Assistance Training School SEIKWA
  9. Health Assistance Training School PANTANG
  10. Health Assistance Training School MAMPONG ASH (FEMALES ONLY)
  11. Health Assistance Training School LAWRA
  12. Health Assistance Training School KPEMBE
  13. Health Assistance Training School KOKOFU
  14. Health Assistance Training School KETA
  15. Health Assistance Training School DUNKWA-ON-OFFIN
  16. Health Assistance Training School DAMANGO
  17. Health Assistance Training School ZUARUNGU
  18. Health Assistance Training School ASANTA
  19. Health Assistance Training School ASANKRAGUA
  20. Nyaniba Health Assistants Training School.

In Ghana, nurse assistant are trained for 2 years in an accredited health training institution.

Now that you have known Nurse assistant salary in Ghana as well as some nurse assistant schools in Ghana, feel free to also check out:

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