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What is Orthopedic Nurse Salary in Nigeria

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Are you planing to be come an Orthopedic Nurse and you want to know Orthopedic nurse salary in Nigeria. In this article, you will find out the salary of an Orthopedic Nurse in Nigeria is and also how to become an Orthopedic nurse.

Who is an Orthopedic Nurse?

An Orthopedic Nurse is a trained professional that focuses on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such arthritis, fracture, osteoporosis, replacement of joints etc. Orthopedic nursing is one of the specialties in Nursing that you can consider. Moreover, an orthopedic nurse can work in hospital settings, clinics, companies or offices.

Before looking at the orthopedic nurse salary in Nigeria, let us look at the responsibilities of an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria.

Responsibilities of an Orthopedic Nurse in Nigeria

The following are some of the responsibilities of orthopedic nurse in Nigeria:

  • They work with a wide age range of patients and care for both men and women. Accordingly, they must be familiar with a large variety of orthopedic conditions, medications, and operations.
  • Orthopedic nurses assist and educate those with orthopedic conditions and complications.
  • Orthopedic nurses provide an imperative role to patients during a time where they advocacy, encouragement, and education.
  • Orthopedic nurse works closely with the patient, their family, and the orthopedic team to ensure clear client education, a smooth recovery, and minimal complications.
  • The orthopedic nurse performs musculoskeletal health exams, assists with casting and traction, and administers pain medication.
  • An orthopedic nurse is responsible for helping patients improve their mobility, and educating them on the best ways to do this, and explains to ensure bone and joint health and develops strategies to reduce the pain and improve their overall health. complications.
  • As an orthopedic nurse, you must be empathetic when working with patients dealing with chronic pain and mobility concerns.
  • An orthopedic nurse has impeccable communication skills to ensure the healthcare provider is aware of patient needs and facilitate the appropriate follow-up.

Now that we have known the responsibilities of an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria, let us look at how to become an Orthopedic nurse in Nigeria.

How to become an Orthopedic nurse in Nigeria?

For you to become an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria, you must be a Registered Nurse, you must have a current practicing license, Five O’Level Credits in not more than two sittings and must also meet all institutional Requirements.

Now that you have known what to take to become an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria, Let us now look at the salary of an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria.

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Current Orthopedic Nurse Overall Salary in Nigeria?

The salary of an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria depends on your years of experience and the institution where you find yourself working at. However, the average monthly salary of an orthopedic nurse in Nigeria is N120,000 per month.

As your years of experience increases so as your salary as an orthopedic nurse also increases. the salary of an orthopedic nurse mentioned above is what you should expect to receive monthly, however, some institution may decide to pay a little bit lesser than the salary stated above while some may pay higher.

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