What is Pharmacologist Salary in Nigeria

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What is a Pharmacologist salary in Nigeria?
In this article, you will find out the salary of a pharmacologist in Nigeria and how much does a pharmacologist earn per month?
If you are looking for a profession in Nigeria with a high salary, then becoming a pharmacologist is a good idea. Before looking at pharmacologist salary in Nigeria, let us see who a pharmacologist is and how can we differentiate a pharmacologist from a pharmacist.

Who is a Pharmacologist?

Pharmacologists are different from pharmacists in the sense that pharmacologists are the developer of drugs and they test the effectiveness and safety of drugs on living organisms while a pharmacist dispenses prescription medications and instructs patients how to use the prescribed medications. Pharmacologists are often designated in one area, for example, endocrine pharmacology, toxicology, veterinary pharmacology, or chemotherapy.

Pharmacology is an interdisciplinary field that draws from other disciplines such as biochemistry, biophysics, neuroscience, endocrinology, cellular and molecular biology.

Let’s quickly look at how to become a Pharmacologist in Nigeria before going into the salary of Pharmacologist in Nigeria.

How to become a Pharmacologist in Nigeria?

To become a Pharmacologist in Nigeria, first, you need to attain a degree in Pharmacy in any accredited Nigeria university. Afterwards, you need to attain a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, however, the program may vary depending on the institution, an individual is expected to complete a significant amount of clinical research.

Giving the fact that Pharmacology is highly related to medical science, some institutions may provide the option to have both M.D. and Ph.D. degree. Pharmacologists also complete two to four years of postdoctoral research.

Now, let us look at Pharmacologist salary in Nigeria.

Pharmacologist Salary in Nigeria

The salary of a Pharmacologist in Nigeria is N200,000 per month. This is the average salary of a Pharmacologist in Nigeria. The salary of Pharmacologist in Nigeria also differ depending on the institution, organization or the company you are working for.

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Although, on the norms, pharmacologists, according to the definition are developers of drugs or medications, however, we see some pharmacologists ending up working as Pharmacists in Nigeria. pharmacologists are meant to work in companies that are involved in drug production, due to the lack of drug-producing companies in Nigeria, that is why you see most Pharmacologists ending up as Pharmacists and some becoming a lecturer or professors in the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pharmacologist earn per month in Nigeria?

The salary of pharmacologists per month in Nigeria is dependent on where you are working, your entry level or years of experience. However the average salary of a pharmacologist in Nigeria is N200,000 per month.

How much does a pharmacologist earn per year in Nigeria?

The average salary of pharmacologists per year in Nigeria is N2,400,000. Pharmacologists salary per year varies, the salary is dependent on the institution, organization, or company.

Can Pharmacologists open their own store?

Yes, pharmacologists can open their own medical pharmaceutical stores.
However, for a pharmacologist to open their own store, it will be advisable for them to first understand the business side of it. Moreover, they will also need to pass at least two licensing exams in order to work which are; one testing general knowledge and one on pharmacy law in their state of residency.


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