Popads vs Adsterra Ads: Which is the best ad network in 2024

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Advertising plays a vital role for publishers looking to monetize their websites effectively. It helps generate revenue, drive traffic, and engage audiences. With numerous advertising platforms available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will compare and contrast two popular platforms, PopAds and Adsterra Ads, to help publishers make a right decision on which platform to monetize their website with.

Overview of PopAds

PopAds is a renowned advertising network that specializes in pop-under ads. It offers publishers a range of features to maximize revenue potential. With PopAds, you can benefit from advanced targeting options, customizable ad formats, and flexible payment options.

One of the significant advantages of using PopAds is its high revenue potential. The platform works with a vast network of advertisers, ensuring a steady flow of ads and competitive rates. Integration is seamless, and even if you’re new to advertising, PopAds provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. Additionally, PopAds offers a variety of ad formats, including pop-unders, pop-ups, and tab-unders, enabling publishers to explore different monetization strategies.

Overview of Adsterra Ads

Adsterra Ads is a global advertising network trusted by publishers worldwide. It provides an extensive ad inventory, advanced targeting capabilities, and competitive payouts. If you’re looking for a platform that offers a broad reach and various ad formats, Adsterra Ads might be the right choice.

With Adsterra Ads, publishers can tap into a vast pool of advertisers, ensuring global coverage. The platform boasts advanced targeting options, allowing publishers to reach their desired audience based on various criteria, such as location, device, and demographics. Additionally, Adsterra Ads provides competitive payouts and supports multiple payment methods, giving publishers flexibility and convenience.

PopAds vs. Adsterra Ads: Feature Comparison

Popads vs Adsterra Ads
Adsterra Ads vs Popads

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Ad Formats

PopAds offers a range of ad formats, including pop-unders, pop-ups, and tab-unders. These formats can be effective for certain types of websites and niches. On the other hand, Adsterra Ads provides a broader variety of ad formats, such as display banners, native ads, interstitials, and push notifications. The choice of ad formats depends on the nature of your website and the user experience you wish to maintain.

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Targeting Options

Both PopAds and Adsterra Ads offer targeting options to help you reach your desired audience. PopAds allows customization based on device, category, country, and more. Adsterra Ads, however, provides more advanced targeting capabilities, allowing precise segmentation based on factors like operating system, browser, language, and IP ranges. Consider the level of targeting granularity you require for your campaigns when evaluating these platforms.

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Revenue Models and Payments

PopAds and Adsterra Ads operate on different revenue models. PopAds primarily uses a CPM (Cost Per Mille) model, where you earn revenue for every thousand ad impressions. Adsterra Ads offers various revenue models, including CPM, CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), and CPL (Cost Per Lead).

When it comes to payments, PopAds offers flexible payment options, including PayPal, AlertPay and Wire Transfer. I know you hate all those NET30, NET60 payment terms and we are sure you are not a fan of those terms as well. That is why with PopAds, you can request withdrawal of your PopAds revenue anytime you want. Usually, you will see money in your PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours. Your earnings are deposited in a kind of wallet, so you can even use them to buy popunder traffic to your own websites.

PopAds minimum payout is only $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay, while for Wire Transfer it is $500.00.

Adsterra Ads also supports multiple payment methods, such as PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether, and bank transfers with different payment thresholds. Adsterra issue payment 30days after you reach the payment threshold. The payment threshold depends on your mode of payment. See the picture below;

Adsterra payment methods
Payment methodMinimum payouts
Bank Wire$1000
Adsterra ads payment methods

You will need to consider the revenue model that aligns with your goals and the payment options that suit your preferences.

Click the button below to create an Adsterra account.

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Performance and User Experience

Performance is crucial when choosing an advertising platform as it can impact your website’s load times and overall user experience. Both PopAds and Adsterra Ads strive to optimize their ad delivery speed and minimize any negative effects on your website’s performance. However, it’s essential to monitor your site’s performance when implementing ads from either platform to ensure a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.

User reviews and feedback on PopAds and Adsterra Ads can provide valuable insights into the experiences of other publishers. Look for common themes in user opinions, such as ease of use, ad quality, customer support, and payout reliability. This feedback can help you gauge the overall satisfaction levels and potential drawbacks associated with each platform.

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Pricing and Support

When considering advertising platforms, it’s crucial to evaluate their pricing models and associated costs. PopAds and Adsterra Ads operate on different pricing structures. PopAds follows a CPM-based model, where rates may vary depending on factors like geolocation and ad format. Adsterra Ads offers competitive CPM rates, and the specific rates may differ based on factors like traffic quality and ad format. Additionally, consider the minimum payout thresholds and any fees associated with withdrawals when assessing the financial aspects of each platform.

Equally important is the level of support and assistance provided by the platforms. Check the availability and response times of their customer support channels, such as live chat, email, or ticket systems. Prompt and helpful support can make a significant difference if you encounter any issues or have questions during your advertising journey.

PopAds vs Adsterra Ads: Which is the best ad network for publishers?

The table below shows our verdict between the two popular ad networks;

FeaturesPopAdsAdsterra AdsWinner
Traffic requirementVery LowVery LowBoth
Payment threshold$5$5 (depending on payment method)PopAds
Ad formatsLimited ad formatsVarious ad formatsAdsterra ads
High quality adNoYesAdsterra ads
Approval time frameInstantInstantBoth
Payment MethodsMinimal methods of paymentVarious methods of paymentAdsterra ads
Customer supportPoorGoodAdsterra ads
PopAds vs Adsterra ads

To determine which one is better between Adsterra and PopAds, you need to weigh both their pros and cons. You can earn from both if you have high valued traffic. However, Adsterra ads tends to generate more revenue than PopAds.

To further evaluate the effectiveness of PopAds and Adsterra Ads, it’s beneficial to explore real-world case studies and success stories. These examples can provide practical insights into how publishers have used each platform to generate revenue and achieve their goals. Consider factors such as niche compatibility, website traffic levels, and the specific strategies employed by successful publishers when analyzing these case studies.

Conclusion on PopAds vs Adsterra Ads

In conclusion, both PopAds and Adsterra Ads offer valuable features and benefits for publishers seeking effective monetization strategies. PopAds excels in high revenue potential, user-friendly integration, and diverse ad formats. Adsterra Ads, on the other hand, boasts a global reach, advanced targeting capabilities, and competitive payouts.

When making a decision, carefully consider your website’s characteristics, target audience, desired revenue models, and user experience. It’s advisable to conduct further research, review user feedback, and analyze case studies to align your goals with the platform that best meets your needs. By choosing the right advertising platform, you can optimize your website’s monetization potential and enhance the overall user experience.

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