Reactions soar online as muslims were seen praying like christians (Video)

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A recent video of muslims worshipping as christians has surfaced online. We all know that Muslims have a special and silent way of worshipping God which they do refer to as Allah.

According to the image below, it was shown that this recent change of muslim-way of worship to that of christians took place in Orile Iyanu, Ikumpayi Olodo Ibadan.

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See the video below;

A lot of users reacted when the video was posted on twitter.

Read some of their reactions below;

“Yoruba people don’t have problem.
As long as agbara kagbara is defeated, everyone’s happy.”

“This is NOT Islam and has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. We should ask them about their religion.”

“Anyway even as a Muslim i see nothing wrong here …this is not worshipping its prayer , u can pray anyhow you like”

“What determines whether they are wrong or not is not we the Muslims, but rather Islam. And there is not source in the Qur’an or Ahadith to justify this there form of “worship”.
Islam is a religion based on Knowledge, not individual preferences”

“Moreover, which religion on earth isn’t based on knowledge?
Furthermore, all religions are based on knowledge
Conclusion, go and confirm it”

“The moment a Muslim decides to follow his personal preferences, then such Muslim has deviated and it is the responsibility of other Muslims to show that and help by preaching against such deviant ideas”

“You are so so right but I’m still standing on the fact that other religions are like that too
If a babalawo is derailing or chose to go with any other religionthe oluwo or apena would have to call him to other and when he doesn’t listen,they will let him be due to individual ryts”

“Yes, if we fail to convince those people to stop thier wrong ways of worship, then we will surely let them be. But not making attempt to educate them is what we are not encouraged to do as Muslims.
Thank you”

“A friend invited me to something like this like 2yrs ago. I didn’t even know it is something like this oo. I got there and they asked us to form a circle, hold hands and stand praying and shouting out load till morning oo, in fact they were selling anointing oil too😂😂😂

The man was wearing that exact same clothe, as in dressed like a real pastor. I just took my bag and I went to sit at one side till it was dawn and I left. She kept disturbing me that I should travel with them to mountain the next day, I block am😂👏”

“This is not Islam ! This is clear innovation “Bid’ah” and every innovation leads astray.
Accepting this and being comfortable with it will make you be termed tolerant “Yoruba Muslim”.
The Sunnah compliant Muslim Imams in yoruba land needs to wake up !!!”

“God please… innovations for what please. If you want to convert to Christianity why not do so. What is the name of this religion bayi”

“Point of correction, this is not Islamic way of praying. Na dem know wetin dem dey find. May we never be among the lost souls”

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