What is the Salary of a Midwife in Nigeria?

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Are you planning on becoming a Midwife and you are wondering about the salary of a Midwife in Nigeria? Before looking at the salary of a nurse-midwife in Nigeria, let’s take a look at; who is a midwife and how to become a midwife in Nigeria.

Who is a Midwife?

Salary of a Midwife

A midwife is a trained health professional who helps pregnant women during labour, delivery, and after the birth of their babies. Midwives may deliver babies at the hospital, health centres or at home.

There are many specialities in Nursing which midwifery is one of them. Before going further, let us look at the function of a midwife in Nigeria

The function of a midwife in Nigeria?

The following are the functions of a midwife in Nigeria;

  1. A midwife perform a gynaecological examination to assess the health status of a pregnant woman and her foetus
  2. They educate pregnant women on how to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  3. Midwives promote and maintain the health status of the pregnant woman including that of her foetus throughout the period of pregnancy (and after she has given birth)
  4. A midwife is involved in providing family planning services
  5. Midwives are involved in the birth of the foetus
  6. They provide antenatal, intranational and postnatal care

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How to become a midwife in Nigeria?

To become a midwife, first, you need to identify the institution that can provide the necessary education related to midwifery. There are two ways to become a midwife in Nigeria which are:

  1. Through the university
  2. By attending the school of midwifery

Most people choose to pass through the university after Jamb to offer nursing and earn a BNSc certificate, while others choose to offer nursing in the school of nursing and midwifery after the school’s entrance exams equivalent to jamb questions and subsequently offered an RM licence to practice.

What is the Salary of a Midwife in Nigeria?

The salary of a midwife in Nigeria is N120,000 per month. This salary is dependent on the facility the individual is working for as well as the individual’s years of experience.

The salary of the midwife in Nigeria also varies depending if you are working for;

  • A health centre
  • A state government hospital
  • A private hospital
  • A federal hospital

The salary mentioned above is the average salary a midwife must earn per month. We will keep on updating this post if there is any positive change in the salary of a midwife in Nigeria.

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