What is the Salary of Nigerian Navy officer

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Let us look at the salary of Nigerian Navy officer for those who are planning on joining the Naval force. In this article you will find out the salary of the Nigerian Navy, the different ranks and how to join the Nigerian navy.

The Nigerian Navy is the sea branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Nigerian Navy is a water-focused military force.

The Navy command structure today consists of the following

  • Naval Headquarters in Abuja, three operational commands with headquarters in Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa.
  • Training command’s headquarters are located in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, but with training facilities spread all over Nigeria.
  • There are five operational bases, five forward operational bases (with two more soon to come on stream), two dockyards located in Lagos and Port Harcourt and two fleets based in Lagos and Calabar.

Nigerian Navy Ranks

The Nigerian Navy ranks will be divided into Commissioned Navy Officer and Non-Commissioned Navy officer.

Ranks for Commissioned Navy Officer

The commissioned officers for the Nigerian Navy are as follows:

  1. Admiral of the Fleet: This is the highest rank in the Naval force. This rank is similar to the field marshal in the Nigerian army.
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral Commodore
  5. Captain
  6. Commander
  7. Lieutenant Commander
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Sub-Lieutenant
  10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Mid-Shipman: This is the least rank.

Ranks for Non-Commissioned navy Officer

There are seven ranks of the non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy.

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee

What is the Salary of Nigerian Navy Officer Per Month?

The salary of Nigerian Navy officer is determined by their ranks (from the lowest to the highest) and is also based on whether they are commissioned or non commissioned officers. The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the fleet while the lowest of its commissioned officer is mid-ship man. For those interested in joining the Nigerian Navy either through their direct short service course (DSSC) or their short service course (SSC), you must be aware of the various ranks and how much a Naval personnel earn monthly.

The Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on a different scale from other branches of the Nigeria Armed Forces.

  1. Commander – N280,500 per month
  2. Captain – N309,645 per month
  3. Commodore – N614,508 per month
  4. Real-Admiral – N1,003,235 per month
  5. Vice Admiral – N1,113,600 per month
  6. Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – N1,358,590 per month

The above salary of Nigerian navy officer is not constant. the salaries mentioned above are the average salary a naval officer is expected to receive per month. Moreover, as said earlier, the higher your rank, the higher your salary in the Nigerian navy.

Nigerian Navy Perks and Benefits

Just like other armed forces, there are other benefits aside from the monthly salaries paid to naval officers, and these benefits are; travel, stable employment, career growth, improved physique, free healthcare, and unique experience benefits.

The Naval officers average salary structure for vacant positions are as follows;

  • Marine Engineer – N97,000
  • Naval Engineer – N230,000
  • ICT Security Expert – N77,000
  • Communicator – N50,000
  • Navy Recruit – N70,000

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Requirements

To apply for Navy recruitment, interested applicants should possess any of the following educational or professional qualifications:

  1. All applicants must produce their primary school leaving certificate or SSCE or NCE or OND.
  2. Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate and should be between 22 and 28 years of age
  3. Applicants must be single or must not have children before joining.
  4. Applicants are required to print out Parent or Guardian Consent Form and Local Government Attestation Form.
  5. Applicants must be of Nigerian origin by birth and must also have their National ID.
  6. Applicants with any of the following defects are NOT allowed to apply: eye problem, ear problem, previous orthopedic operation, bow leg, flat foot, below the required height (Male 1.70, Female 1.67), fracture, stammering or any natural disability.
  7. Applicants must be free from any previous conviction by court of law on criminal charges.
  8. Except for Imams, Chaplains and Medical Consultants who should not exceed 30 years and 40 years of age respectively.

How to Join the Nigerian Navy

To join the Nigerian navy, you must have all the necessary documents/credentials and visit www.joinnigeriannavy.com to check if the form is out. Don’t pay anyone who claims he can help you get a Job in Nigerian Navy.

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