What is the Salary of a Pediatric Nurse in South Africa

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Are you thinking about the salary of a pediatric nurse in South Africa, before we look at how much do pediatric nurses make in South Africa, let us look at what pediatric nursing is all about, how to become one and the roles of pediatric nurses.

What is Pediatric Nursing?

Pediatric Nursing is a specialisation in the Nursing profession that deals with the care of children starting from infancy till their teenage period.

It is worth noting that a certification as a pediatric nurse is not required to work as a nurse for children. However, obtaining specialized knowledge and training helps to improve job prospects and is recommended for nurses who have a passion for caring for children.

How to become Pediatric Nurse in South Africa?

As pediatric nursing is a specialization of nursing, it is necessary for a nurse to first undergo the appropriate training with an undergraduate degree in nursing, before beginning the specialization.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in nursing and passing the examination to become a Registered Nurse, an individual wishing to become a pediatric nurse then needs to complete a Masters degree in Nursing Practice and Doctorate degree.

The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB) offers certification as a pediatric nurse. This certification requires the pediatric nurse to complete the appropriate education requirement and a minimum amount of time of work experience, currently 1,800 hours of clinical experience with pediatric patients in the last two years.

Roles of Pediatric Nurses in South Africa?

The following are some of the roles of pediatric nurses in South Africa;

  • Pediatric nurses usually work in a multidisciplinary team with other health professionals to provide the best medical care possible for children.
  • They monitor the health of young patients and provide care and support throughout their treatment.
  • They may administer childhood vaccinations or immunizations and make sure that children keep up to date with their vaccination schedule. Additionally, a pediatric nurse communicates with the children and their families to explain their health and the phases of treatment.
  • A pediatric nurse may be involved in teaching and administration of children’s health, either to the community or other heath professionals.
  • They also assist in conducting clinical research about health conditions that commonly affect children and the appropriate treatment methods.

Some pediatric nurses also choose to specialize further in a particular field of children’s health, such as anesthetics, oncology, or neurology.

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What is the Salary of a Pediatric Nurse in South Africa?

The salary of a Pediatric nurse in south Africa depends on the hospital where you find yourself working for. However, the average salary of a pediatric nurse in South Africa is R138.51 (ZAR)/hr.

In Conclusion

The salary of a Pediatric Nurse in South Africa is not that bad in case you plan on becoming a Pediatric nurse. Let us know via the comment section below if this is what you make hourly or is yours lesser or higher.

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