Union Bank Transfer Code

As we all know, bank transactions has been made easy with the help of transfer codes, it has made banking easy, efficient and secure. All you need to perform a transaction nowadays is your mobile phone.

Union Bank has it’s own unique USSD transfer code, this code can be used to perform multiple transactions hereby saving you from the stress of going to the bank.

The transfer code for Union Bank is *826#. With this Code you can perform transactions like:

  •   Transferring money
  • Payment of Bills
  • Top-up airtime (for oneself and a 3rd party)
  • And many more….

So You don’t have to go into the banking Hall to fill a deposit slip, and stand in a queue to pay money into a friend’s account. All you need is your mobile phone, but you have to activate it.

How to activate your Union Bank Transfer code

  • Just Dial *826#
  • Follow the instructions in your screen
  • Put your account number
  • Create a 4 digit PIN you’ll use whenever you want to complete a transaction
  • Your ready to start your mobile banking journey

NB: You can only activate your mobile banking Transfer code with a number linked to your Union Bank account.

How to Transfer money using the transfer code.

If you want to transfer money to Union Bank account number, simply dial*826*1*amount*account number#, for example, *826*20000*234567891#,  Read the receipt on the screen to confirm the name of the beneficiary account number and input your 4 digit PIN to confirm the transfer.

To transfer money to a NUBAN account number. Dial *826*2*amount*account number# i.e *826*2*2500*231456879#, follow the procedures, input your 4 digit PIN, and confirm the transaction.

NB: Transferring money to a NUBAN account number would cost 52.00 Naira, but transferring to a Union Bank account is free.

How to check your account balance

Checking your your account balance has been made easy with the Union Bank Transfer code, all you need to do is to Dial *826*4#. 

How to top-up airtime (for oneself and others)

To buy airtime for yourself simply dial *826*amount# i.e *826*1000#

To buy for a third party, Dial *826*amount*phone number# for example *826*200*08067532133#. 

You can perform a lot of transactions with this code e.g:

  • To apply for a new ATM card simply dial *826*21#
  •  To purchase data for your smartphone Dial *826*9*amount#
  • To perform a Cardless withdrawal Dial *826*7*amount#
  • To pay your bills e.g electricity bill simply dial*826*28*amount*user ID*

I hope this article has taught you how to effectively use your Union Bank Transfer code.

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