“We both attended BSF” – lady shares how she met her husband

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A lady has shared how she met her husband on twitter. According to her, they both attended the same student fellowship known as BSF (Baptist Students’ Fellowship) when they were both undergraduate.

Read her story below;


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Both of us are baptists so there’s a fellowship(BSF) where we belong to the same association. We attend same meetings & he was part of our past executives while I was just an ordinary member so we were not part of the same circle but I see him from time to time.

Then I liked him from afar because he’d vibrant and all. It was just my own thoughts that I didn’t tell anyone before they label me as a bad child🤣.
There’s this monthly vigil we have, all executives are expected to come. That particular month.

I wasn’t around I went for a camping program. I didn’t have an android phone at the time, I had just a small phone. Apparently he dropped a message for me on Facebook asking about the vigil. I didn’t see the message until Saturday when I borrowed someone’s phone to log into Facebook. I was really excited seeing his name pop up on my timeline like bro Kenny🤣.
I apologized for responding late and that was how we started talking.

He said he has been looking at me for a while (mutual feelings🤣) and he likes me and he wants to be my friend.
February 14, 2014 he asked me officially to be his girlfriend and I accepted his proposal. We started our relationship journey and truthfully he’s a very matured person, a perfect match for me. So anytime I’m having my quiet time I’ll just write that I want to get married to a twin(fantasies🤣), the list is long but the most important one is that I don’t want to miss it maritally.

Little did I know that God was actually taking note of these things and arranging the future for me. By the time we started courting, few of my family members knew and my sister that we attend the same church. Typical African mother, my mom went to pray about it and that’s how they started seeing visions and a lot of things. Part of it was that he’ll leave after we have a child together, our home will not be stable, his family will not like me and the likes. I know the person I’m dealing with so it was really hard to believe these things.

He’s the type that believes that whatever God wants for his life will come to pass and that’s what I believe too but you see this fight? It was very tough!
When it became too much, I broke up with him. I didn’t even tell him, I just blocked him and all his family members.

He tried relocating but his visa got denied. Then he called me that he wanted to see me even if it’ll be the last time(this was two years after o), he was so sure I’ll come back to him. So I saw him that day and he asked me to say it to his face that I wanted to break up. I told him to his face. After that, I noticed that everything stopped working for me. On his side, he refused to be with another person because to him, I am his wife and that’s it. Finally, after two years of separation, we came back and got married.

My mom that was saying no eventually gave her consent. To be very honest, I am living my best life with him at the moment. Of course no one is perfect but we always try to work things out. No matter the issue, with him or his family/my family, we will sort as a team.

It’s us against any odd. God is our main support and he has made us a perfect match for each other.
One thing my story taught me is don’t allow anyone decide your marital fate. Don’t believe the report of man, believe whatever God says and make sure you marry someone you share the same faith with so that it will be easy to scale through when things go wrong.

Thanks for reading.

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