2024 highest paying jobs in Kansas city revealed

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In this article you will find out what the highest paying jobs in Kansas city are for job seekers looking for high paying career. The high paying job opportunities in Kansas cut across several fields (from medicine to engineering) in order to suit all skills and interests.

For job seekers in the state or those wishing to move to Kansas have plenty of options to find high paying roles. Those interested in learning more about the state’s robust job opportunities should take a look at this list of the highest paying jobs in Kansas city.

What are the highest paying jobs in Kansas city

What are the highest paying jobs in Kansas

Some of the high paying jobs in Kansas city require a graduate or even postgraduate degree while some requires computer/management skills, but that’s not true of every position. Even within job categories, there can be substantial pay differences between corporate, academic and government roles. Here’s the complete list of the highest paying jobs in Kansas city:

Highest paying jobs in Kansas citySalary (per year)
Obstetricians and Gynecologists$302,270
Family Medicine Physicians$243,810
Architectural and Engineering Managers$145,850
Sales Managers$145,210
Computer and Information Systems Managers$132,640
Air Traffic Controllers$132,380
Marketing Managers$129,500
Health and Safety Engineers$94,980

1. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYN) are trained and experienced medical professionals that specialize in women’s reproductive health. Obstetrics (OB) involves care during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately after delivery while Gynecology (GYN) involves care of all related women’s health issues. The salary of Obstetricians and gynecologists in Kansas is $302,270 per year. Which makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Kansas city.

2. Family Medicine Physicians

Family medicine doctors or physicians provide primary and comprehensive care to individual and family across all ages. The average salary of family medicine physicians in Kansas is $243,810 per year and as a result Family medicine doctors are one of the highest paying jobs in Kansas city.

3. Dentists

A dentist is a trained and experienced medical personnel that involves oral health. They provide care and treatment to diseases affecting the oral cavity (which include the teeth, gums and tongue). The average salary of a dentist in Kansas is $188,240 per year, making Dentists one of the highest paying jobs in the city of Kansas.

4. Physicists

Physicists are scientist that specializes in the field physics (which involves the interaction between matter and energy). The average salary of a physicist in Kansas is $183,600 per year. However, actual earnings depend on whether the physicist works in an academic research position or in industry. 

5. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Architectural and engineering managers, a relatively broad category that covers everything from semiconductor manufacturing to oil and gas extraction. The average salary of Architectural and Engineering Managers in Kansas is $145,850 per year.

6. Sales Managers

Sales managers are trained and experienced people that hire, train and guide sales personnel or sales team in an organization. The average salary of sales managers in Kansas is $145,210 per year.

The difference between traditional sales roles and that of sales managers is that traditional sales roles involve dealing with leads and trying to close sales while a sales manager may occasionally interact with prospects, a large portion of their work is training salespeople, dividing up territories and setting quotas or goals to keep their team on track. 

Good computer literacy and an understanding of analytics and reporting software can be advantageous when seeking these roles.

7. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and information systems managers are highly sought after in various industries because of the increasing prevalence of computer systems for everything from communication to accounting. Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization. The average salary for a computer and information systems manager in Kansas is $132,640 per year. 

8. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers are responsible for managing traffic and keeping the airspace safe. This job requires a good understanding of aviation regulations, attention to detail and the ability to stay calm in rapidly changing situations. The average salary of Air traffic controllers in Kansas is $132,380 per year.

9. Marketing Managers

Marketing managers plan and direct marketing programs and oversee the broader marketing team and its campaigns. The average salary of Marketing managers in Kansas is $129,500 per year. 

Rather than working on the creative side, marketing managers assess market demand, develop pricing strategies and determine which customers and areas to target. This kind of work may appeal to someone who enjoys statistics and market research.

10. Health and Safety Engineers

Health and safety are important to every industry. The average salary for health and safety engineers in Kansas is $94,980 per year. Exact salaries depend on the specific industry, but job opportunities exist in everything from the architectural engineering sector to local government. 

These engineers must have a solid understanding of the health and safety laws for their industry, as well as an understanding of the engineering or industrial processes that surround it. Some health and safety engineers fill an inspector role, going from site to site. Others might serve as advisors or specialists for projects.

As you can see, most of the highest paying jobs in Kansas city can be found in the health, business, industrial and technology sectors.

However, when considering a career change in Kansas city, start by looking at the certifications and training available in that field. Research salary comparison sites to see the typical wage for the role and whether the prospective employer offers competitive pay. 

As Andrew Seaman explains, preparing to negotiate salary during the hiring process is important. He also noted, “Despite the importance people place on money and benefits, such as flexible work schedules, many say they fail to negotiate for what they want.”

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