What is Noella Bergener Net Worth

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Are you looking for how much Noella Bergener net worth is? In this article you will find out about Noella Bergener net worth and how she makes her money.

Noella Bergener is an American model, social media star, influencer, television personality, and media face. She is well-known in the United States due to her appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ RHOC. Noella Bergener net worth is estimated to $4 million.

Noella Bergener Biography

Noella Bergener net worth

Noella Bergener, born on the 14th of July, 1985 in California, United States to father Christopher Nance Weatherman and mother Nicolette Ortega. Her dad was a social worker who served in a number of children’s campaigns and charities. On the other hand, her mom Nicolette is a housewife.

Despite her popularity on TV, she is quite secretive about her life and hasn’t disclosed information related to her early life. Noella often shares pictures on social media along with her mother. Upon her high school graduation, she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from a renowned University in California.

Unfortunately, Noella lost her father on 21st October, 2021 to sickle cell anemia. She shared the news through her Instagram. Her father always said that she was very close to her grandfather. Another hand she didn’t open up any details about her siblings whether she had or not.

What is Noella Bergener net worth: $4 million

Noella Bergener net worth is estimated to $4 million. She makes money from sponsorship deals, television appearances, and business ventures.

Noella Bergener is a retired model and reality television personality who came to the spotlight after being cast in the hit show RHOC.

Date of birth14th of July, 1985
NationalityUnited States
Place of birthCalifornia, United States
Net worth$4 million
Source of wealthSponsorship deals, television appearances, and business ventures

Noella Bergener Career

Noella started her career in the modeling industry shortly after completing her studies. She began getting modeling gigs which led her to attend several fashion shows and competitions.

Her work for famous brands helped her to become one of the lead models in the industry. Later, she was seen being featured on the covers of popular magazines including Flirt and Esquire among others.

Noella Bergener had a big break when she was announced to appear on Scott Dunlop’s hit reality show called The Real Housewives of Orange County. She became the first black cast member to join season 16 of RHOC.

Noella began starring in RHOC alongside other stars like Nicole James, Chris Lee, Ryne Holliday, John, and many more. The actress gained immense popularity for her performance after appearing in nearly five episodes of the reality show.

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Noella Bergener ex husband

In January 2019, Noella Bergener got married to her longtime boyfriend named James Bergener. The couple didn’t reveal how they two first met, however, their wedding ceremony was attended by their close friends and family members.

James is a professional injury lawyer and an entrepreneur, founding his own company called Sweet James Law Firm. The two had a happy relationship and even became parents of their two children including their daughter named Coco, before their marriage.

Unfortunately, James got stuck in tax debt which was unpaid. At that very moment, Noelle wanted to help her husband mentally and financially to get rid of the problem. Instead of accepting her help, James decided to call off the wedding. According to the last report she had asked for financial support from her husband before the separation.

Their relationship didn’t last long and in December 2021 James sent her divorce.

She told Shannon Beador, her closest ally on the show: “He made an error and he needs to repair it, but I never thought that this would be the end of our marriage.”

“And I never thought that that would mean that I’m a single mom with our son.”

James, however, told a different side of the story claiming his wife changed upon joining the RHOC cast.

He said: “As filming got closer and closer, though, she changed. Her sole focus became the show. We rarely spoke, and when we did, we’d end up in fights.”

Who is Noella Bergener’s husband

On Friday, October 13, 2023, Noella Bergener announced that she got engaged to her log-time boyfriend, Bobby Schubenski.

He is a bass player and a co-owner of a clothing company named Blackcraft Cult.

He was previously engaged to retired professional wrestler, Milena Roucka, who was known in the WWE as Rosa Mendes. They have a seven-year-old daughter named Jordan.

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